Tuesday 25 August 2020

Stock bubbles: Old and new ones I remember from back in the day!

 Bubble stocks: Here are a few winners of the past! Was fun trading them at the time, but remember never get married to a share! 

The old Taser, now that was a blast from the past! AAXN: TASR was up close to 10000% at one point! 

More recently it was Tilray, Also all over CNBC at the time, nothing could stop it then,,,well where is it now? After the 700% plus rally its now back to square one! 

UTSTARCOM another one that had a huge bubble, and then it all burst! It was all over CNBC as well during the time!

I have a fond memories of these bubbles, and when I traded these, and I always keep it in the back of my mind that TSLA and AAPL days will come! When the music stops, make sure you got your chair. But for now the bubble party is going strong! 

All vertical elevators stop at the top and bottom floors!

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